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Some parents and/or students I have tutored have provided written evidence of the service I deliver, and I share below some of the comments:
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Mrs F. Parent of GCSE Maths Student “my son lacked confidence and struggled with the crowded classroom learning environment. With Sue, he was able to overcome the difficulties of asking for help and could focus on the things he was not sure about. We noticed a difference in his confidence with problem solving within a few weeks of having tuition with Sue. He obtained a 'B' in his GCSE, thanks to the extra lessons and kind, patient extra support of this experienced, lovely lady. Thank you”. Student E.M, A Level Maths Student “Just wanted to thank you for your amazing help with my maths A level. I got the A grade and got into my first choice university. Couldn’t have done it without my tutor. Thanks again”. Parents of student T, A Level Maths “Sue Gill has given our daughter a great and welcomed boost in her abilities with her Maths studies towards her A level grades. Sue has a gentle but very positive approach to tuition which has encouraged our daughter no end. We would fully recommend any students and their parents who are looking for that extra stride towards achieving their goals”. Mrs L.M., Parent of GCSE Maths & 11+ Students “Susan is a fantastic tutor who really gets to the core of the subject which needs attention. Susan tutors both my children one for 11+ entry exams and also my son who is currently studying for his GCSEs. I highly recommend her, as she has a very calm and reassuring manner, helping the children feel really at ease. She also marks the work she monitors in lessons letting you know what level your child is working at”.
Mr & Mrs D, Parents of 11+ student “We would thoroughly recommend Sue as a gifted and very experienced teacher. When our son met her for the first time, he immediately warmed up to her. Every lesson he was gushing how much he enjoyed his time and how much he learnt. She really connects well with kids and her amazing experience as a grammar school teacher makes her simply outstanding! She has been tutoring our son for the past year to help him with 11+ exams. With her careful guidance and great teaching methods his progress was staggering! He has now exceeded all of our expectations and his recent results were well above what is required to get into Colchester Royal Grammar School! Our daughter is next one to go through this process and already started her lessons with Sue. She is loving it, despite having to do extra homework! We would like to thank Sue for all her hard work and continuous support.” . Father of child B, Entrance Exam “Thank you Sue. B not only succeeded in attaining a place at Royal Holbrook but was offered a scholarship. If it wasn’t for your excellent preparation he certainly would not have made it. Not only has he improved his confidence, he also enjoyed your lessons. I can’t thank you enough.”
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